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The mission of ek2 Solutions is to provide our clients with the highest level of advisory, consulting and partnership services. To perform with creativity, insightful and strategic thinking and innovate at every level of business discipline. To always provide accurate, timely and complete information, supported by analysis, keen advice and intuitive vision. Our clients come first which means their objectives come before our own, in every transaction that takes place. Passion, excellence and trust is what ek2 stands for. We will act responsibly with the utmost integrity, professionalism, honesty and fairness.


“We help our clients grow all channels of their business by developing executable strategies to achieve the desired results.”

ek2 Solutions is a boutique management consulting firm that specializes in delivering insightful and strategic solutions to companies of all sizes and industries. The services we offer stem from the knowledge we have gained over our 30+ years of consumer product and service industries experience. Partnering with our clients to develop high-impact strategies, we guide them to execution.

We help small to medium businesses answer critical business questions:

How do I franchise my business?

How do I implement an influencer program?

What digital marketing platforms should I be using?

How do I find a manufacturing partner?

What retail locations are right for my store?

How do I integrate a third party warehouse?

What technology should I be looking at?


At ek2 Solutions, we believe that great leadership is a combination of passion, experience, skill, commitment, community, responsibility and most importantly, integrity. Our mission is to ensure our clients improve their bottom line while creating value in the near and long term. By partnering with ek2 Solutions you will see how we become a part of your organization as we want to live and breathe in your world. As a team, we will realize that any challenge can be solved with the right attitude, experience and focus.

Elaine R. Sugimura

Elaine has spent the last 30+ years leading companies from the design phase to product procurement and placement onto the retail sales floor. Her passion for fashion, numbers and team development has led her to roles in Sales, Merchandising, Design then ultimately to the C Suite as President and Chief Executive Officer. Her skill as a “change agent” in both the domestic and international marketplace spans wholesale, retail, vertical retail, licensing, distributorships and also the digital sector. Having managed overall brand strategies for highly regarded brands worldwide, Elaine has mastered the ability to integrate all departments to ensure a cohesive brand image and case study type success.

Kevin M. Frain

Kevin has over 30+ years experience including 20 years in ecommerce. Kevin was a leader in growing the ecommerce platform for a leading Fortune 500 business from $50M to $750M. He has led the growth in the digital space for B2C and B2B ecommerce, international and domestic procurement and order management as well as other aspects of supply and demand chain management. Holding titles such as the Chief Financial Officer and head of Operations and Supply Chain Management, he continues to implement transformational business strategies and solutions. Kevin specializes in leading clients through digital strategy, process and organizational design plus software implementation.


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  • STORe

    Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Retail Expansion in the US Marketplace

Retail Expansion into the US Marketplace: Creating Brand Growth across the Globe

A $50+ million international accessories brand was interested in establishing roots in US soil. With 70+ retail locations worldwide, they were ready to launch in the US. They had the idea but needed a team to create the strategy and execute their vision. They came to the thought leaders to fuel their brand growth.

01 Realization::

  • Hired to assess both Asia and US brand positioning
  • Identified key strategic initiatives, trained Asia team to prepare for US Retail roll–out
  • Assessed the US retail market opportunity
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive retail plan
  • Led the process from concept to implementation
  • Retail Strategy included both brick & mortar and ecommerce initiatives
  • Remained on board to execute expansion initiatives,

01 Impact::

  • Brand realized dream of opening retail operations on US soil
  • Hands on training and strategic insight to branding and organizational needs to support global growth.
  • Supported and managed correction and new growth in European Marketplace.


Retail Store Example

02 Ongoing Brand Value::

Although continued modifications have occurred, the initial strategic brand development plan is being utilized within the organization.

CASE STUDY: Passion, Product and Road to Profitability

The 3 P’s, Passion Product Profitability: Transforming the Entire Business Infrastructure

Six years in the business, this entrepreneurial fashion consumer goods company was in need of a full business transformation. The Principal and Designer searched for the right strategic partner who had the experience to drive the change to increase the bottom line profitability!


  • Interim executive control of full business operation
  • Comprehensive review and overhaul of infrastructure
  • Strategic plan to create growth and manage the bottom line profitability
  • New Digital / Ecommerce Strategy
  • Developed new business plan to ensure profitability


  • Brand is prepared for strategic growth as outlined in the quarterly plan.
  • Refocus core energy towards innovation, brand awareness and positioning, and in the appropriate sales channels
  • Executive and Team development underway


ek2 will remain involved to ensure strategic plans are achieved and will tweak as the marketplace requires

CASE STUDY: Marketing Prowess in a “B to B to C” Marketplace

Challenging the Norm: Marketing Prowess in the “B2B2C” Marketplace

A first time entrepreneur was looking for guidance with translating his vision from concept to reality. The company has launched a people marketplace dedicated to a large segment of the staffing industry.

01 Realization::

  • Website user experience
  • Digital marketing execution
  • Public relations

01 Impact::

  • Detailed review of analytics uncovered issues in the onboarding process
  • Successfully implemented a pay per click acquisition campaign
  • Public relations positioned the founder as a thought leader in the industry

02 Ongoing Brand Value::

Managing the ongoing digital marketing strategy and assisting with PR messaging.  The short term goal is to position the company for a round of fundraising.

CASE STUDY: Today, Tomorrow, and the Future of a Flouishing Brand

Today, Tomorrow and the Future: Detailed Analysis to Transform and Fuel a Brand’s Expansion

A rising artist turned fashion designer with a vision of combining both creative landscapes; envisions a lifestyle strategy. To achieve their next level of growth and to accelerate expansion, both business development and potential finance partner due diligence was required.

01 Realization::

  • Develop and Implement strategic business plan
  • Identify and recommend working capital support
  • Identify new business expansion deals that create increased liquidity

01 Impact::

  • Developed the first strategic business plan in company history
  • Identified and negotiated working capital lines of credit
  • Evaluated licensing opportunities and negotiated final terms

02 Ongoing Brand Value::

Continuing to work with brand partners to bring the desired scale and future investment opportunity

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Relaunched in August of 2014 the KaceyK website is the centerpiece of the ek2 repositioning of this fine jewelry brand.

Relaunched in August of 2014 the KaceyK website is the centerpiece of the ek2 repositioning of this fine jewelry brand.

Relaunched in August of 2014 the KaceyK website is the centerpiece of the ek2 repositioning of this fine jewelry brand.

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